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Monday, February 5, 2018

Friendship is ... the sort of love one can imagine between angels.
–C. S. Lewis

February is here and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. A day in our country when we celebrate love. We tend to identify Valentine's Day with romance and sweethearts. But other love can be honored as well—paternal love, love between siblings, love between grandchildren and grandparents, and especially love among friends.

A love for and between best friends is something special. I’ve always valued friendship and the loyalty that binds friends together. Friendship is a valuable commodity to be cherished and cared for.

Do some of your friendships date back to years ago? Just by our life experiences we know what a friend is, but how would you define "friend" to someone who had no knowledge of the word?

I like Aristotle's definition: "A true friend is one soul in two bodies." A less literary and more lighthearted definition of a friend is by Anonymous: "A friend is one who dislikes the same people that you dislike."

True friendship is a durable thing. Commitments between friends are easily made and certainly kept. Good friends don't feel the need to carry on incessant conversations; silence between friends is an enjoyable time, not an awkward time.

Understanding between friends is a beautiful thing because their thoughts often lie on the same plane; much of the time friends know they are in agreement without even voicing their thoughts. The proverbial they can finish each other's sentences applies to best friends.

And true friends are very much in agreement most of the time. Even when they disagree, friends are okay with that. They agree to disagree and neither is put out with the other.

Do you have a best friend? How long have you been best friends?   

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  1. I have several good friends, but my best friend is my sister.

    1. Hello, Ann. thanks for commenting. That's great, having a sister for a best friend. You're fortunate because many times siblings fuss and fight!