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Monday, August 7, 2017

Do You Talk to Yourself?

Most folks are about as happy as they
make up their minds to be."
—Abraham Lincoln

Do you know people who talk to themselves? Do you talk to yourself? What do you talk about? Do you always enjoy talking to yourself? Would you be embarrassed if someone heard you?

A report from a New York City clinical psychologist says people talk to themselves all the time. He says we did it as kinds and we do it as adults.

The unfortunate thing, he says, is that when people talk to themselves, it’s mostly negative talking: “I’ll never finish this on time.” “I can’t make that speech, I’m too shy.” “I’m not good enough to…” Sound familiar?

If we hear something repeated often enough, we might begin to believe it. In that case, we’d do ourselves a favor by surrounding ourselves with positive remarks. Maybe when all the negative talking begins, we’d be better off changing the topic of conversation.

Remember the stage play/movie, South Pacific? In that movie, the tune “Happy Talk” was such a relief. It seemed every character had some kind of problem—sweethearts were separated, the sailors wanted shore leave, etc. Then, in the middle of all the problems, here’s this bubbly islander singing about happy talk making things better.

So, when talking to oneself sounds more like grumbling, maybe a little “happy talk” would help turn things around toward a more positive outlook.
By the way, this psychologist says as long as you know you’re the one talking to yourself, you can be certain you haven’t gone over the edge. I’ve always heard that people who talk to themselves are okay as long as they don’t answer themselves.

I don’t think I talk to myself. At least I don’t remember any recent conversations. Someday I may start talking to myself. I may even answer myself, as well. But here’s hoping that when I do, I’ll find something happy to talk about.

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