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Monday, October 2, 2017

Do You Know a PC?

What do the letters PC bring to mind? Personal computer? Or, maybe, politically correct?

Even though today’s technological terms flit through my mind when I hear PC, I can’t completely forget what those letters stood for a few decades ago: Privileged Character.

When we’d see a vehicle parked illegally, for the convenience of the driver, someone would inevitably say, “That car must belong to a PC.” This was uttered insincerely and uncomplimentary. Back then, unless you thought of yourself as arrogant and above others’ opinions, PC was not a title you worked hard to earn.

Do you know anybody you’d like to label a PC—a Privileged Character?

How about those people who park illegally in the handicapped parking spaces? Of course it’s aggravating to spot a parking place up close, only to get there and see the blue markings reserving the space for those who need it. But that’s one of the boundaries of life we happily adjust to.

And how about those people sitting in your numbered seat when you arrive a little late to an event? A Privileged Character? How dare they poach on your territory! You either have to risk a confrontation if the person insists on staying put, or hunt up an usher for assistance.

And how about those folks who park along the curb on a rainy day in front of the grocery store? I mean PARK—turn off the motor, get out, and go inside, leaving their car in the fire lane area. It’s almost impossible then to find empty curb space when it’s necessary to let anyone out of the car or pick them up. Those parked cars must belong to a PC—Privileged Character.

Nowadays, if I must think “personal computer” when I see PC, I don’t have to think for long because my computer knowledge is sadly lacking.

But the best politically correct label I’ve seen yet appeared in a “Family Circus” cartoon: The four children are watching TV when their mother brings a big bowl of popcorn into the room for them. The oldest child looks up and exclaims, “Oh, boy! MOMCORN!”

Aren’t word games fun?!

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