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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Raising Children Like Gardening?

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the
memory banks of our children.”
-Charles R. Swindoll

My green-thumb talents are limited to growing weeds in the springtime. Last fall, longing for some color in my yard to brighten winter days ahead, I bought a flat of pansies. A plastic tag stuck into their dirt promised red blooms from every little sprout.

With the excitement of a first-time gardener, I carefully moved the tiny pansy plants with their clumps of dark earth to prominent places around my home. Some went into flower pots to adorn the deck, some occupied a large planter on the front porch, and a few came to rest in the ground as a border near my back door.

The same sun shone on them all; the rain that fell in the front yard also watered the backyard. Not one plant died! But, while some pansies bloomed a deep, velvety red, others never produced even a hint of color.

Even though I’d given the same kind and amount of care to each tiny plant, some fulfilled my expectations and others did not.

As I reflect on my half-successful flower gardening, I’ve decided that raising children is much like my green-thumb experience: some children will meet the expectations of them, some will not.

Investing care and time in our children reminds me of the farmer in the Bible who sowed seed, some of it producing a good crop, but some of the seed falling where desired growth was difficult.

Children are God’s miraculous gifts. In children He gives us gold mines. Refined ore from gold mines ultimately becomes different things—watches, rings, necklaces—but, in whatever form, these things are still gold. When we tend our child-gold mines, they, too, become different things. But they’re still our children.

I hoped for red pansies in the border near my back door last fall but they never bloomed…oh well, I’ll try my luck with pansies again next fall.

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