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Monday, December 12, 2016

Love or Paper Work?

What the world really needs
is more love and less paper work.”
–Pearl Bailey, American entertainer (1918-1990)

When I discovered the quotation above, my first thought was, Wish I had said that!

The words above of Ms. Bailey are so true. Even in our age of all things electronic, everyone hasn’t yet gone totally digital.

I find a prime example of that fact every time I go to a doctor. The first thing to happen after I sign in for a doctor’s appointment is: someone hands me a clipboard containing a sheaf of paper and says, “Please fill out these forms, front and back, and sign where I’ve marked with an X.”

I haven’t moved for twenty years and have no plans to do so. My telephone number is the original one we got when we moved here. My medical history hasn’t changed. But it’s useless to tell the person that all my information is the same. When I try to do that, they give me a blank look and say, “We’re updating our records.”

What a chore to fill out those papers! No wonder the doctor’s office tells you to come fifteen minutes early for your appointment.

However, at one doctor’s appointment this year, I had a unique experience with the doctor’s forms. Instead of the usual clipboard, they handed me a bulky, bright orange tablet-looking, touch-screen thing and briefly instructed me how to update my information on it. Thank goodness, I had some computer knowledge, so doing this was fairly simple for me.

When I had arrived at the doctor’s office, I noticed a lady leaning over her knees where one of these orange contraptions lay. When I sat with my orange up-date machine, I looked across the waiting room and saw that the lady I’d seen earlier was indeed using another tablet like the one they’d handed to me.

Oh, was she laboring with her task! Apparently, she had no conception of such an electronic thing. She intently went about the business of tapping the screen to log in her information. She didn’t appear frustrated or angry with what she’d been asked to do. I had to admire her for her apparent determination.

I finished my up-dating and carried the tablet to the front desk. Whether with pen and paper or an orange tablet, I had once again up-dated my information that hadn’t changed. Yes, too much paper work!

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