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Monday, October 31, 2016

Do Women Really Talk More Than Men?

“Talking comes by nature, silence by wisdom.”
—Author Unknown

Yes, it does—talking does come by nature. Do you remember the excitement you experienced when your children said their first words? And more excitement when they began to string those words into sentences!

Then some days when their toothless smiles have turned into what we say in the south—they’re talking up a blue streak—and you may wonder that those peaceful days of relative silence have disappeared.

According to The Daily Mail online, February 20, 2013, research claims that women speak 20,000 words a day—some 13,000 more than the average man. Research also shows that girls learn to speak earlier and more quickly than boys.

So, ladies, research and our development shows that we really didn’t have much say-so about our gender being the talkative one. Therefore, should we give our significant others a little slack, instead of complaining that they won’t talk and share with us as much as we want?

But the second part of the quotation above—that silence comes by wisdom—is the significant part of that statement. I can attest to that. An incident from many years ago when I spoke my mind too quickly still bothers me. Words can so easily slip past our lips before we think. Once we speak our words, they’re out there forever; we cannot retrieve them or wish them away.

But the incident I mentioned above gave me some measure of wisdom for the future. Wisdom to weigh my words and opinions carefully before sharing them. Yes, silence is golden, and sometimes we truly should be seen and not heard, even as adults.

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