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Monday, September 19, 2016

Do You Think You're Normal?

"Normal is nothing more than a
cycle on a washing machine."
--Whoopi Goldberg

Bernice Kanner spent two years asking Americans questions about their life, and put her research in a book titled, Are You Normal? Below are some of the questions she asked, followed by the responses. Just for fun, read on and see if you’re normal.

How long does your shower last? Most of us think it takes about ten minutes; the average actual shower takes only four minutes.

Do you know how much your spouse makes? Three out of ten wives and husbands don’t know.

Do you floss your teeth? Four of every ten Americans surveyed claim to floss daily. One in five admit they never floss.

Do you put the cap back on the toothpaste tube? Most people say they do.

Do you let sleeping dogs lie…with you, that is? Just under half of all dog owners welcome their dog onto the bed, though they claim they hate the bouncing.

Can you snap your fingers? Thirty-two percent of us can’t. Southpaws and Southerners have the most trouble.

Do you give away gifts that were given to you? More than half of those asked admitted they did.

What do you and your significant other fight about the most? Money. Twenty-nine percent of couples said they argue more about their mate’s spending than anything else.

Do you skip meals? More than one in five skip lunch while less than one in ten passes up breakfast. A normal person spends just over an hour a day eating.

If you could change anything about yourself… More than half said they would drop some weight. Another thirty-two percent wanted to alter their bodies, their age, or their intelligence, and a fifth of us would love to change our height or our hair. Twenty-five percent of men admitted they yearn for a full, healthy head of hair so much they’d consider giving up five years of their lives in exchange for that.

Among the numbers above, did you find yourself to be normal or do you agree with the opening quotation that infers there is really no normal person? What about the last item? Anything you’d like to change about yourself?

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