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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mankind's Greatest Blessing?

Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.” –Mark Twain

Much has been written about humankind’s sense of humor. For example, some think that a sense of humor prevents insanity, is necessary for a successful marriage, or is the pole that helps to balance your life.

The Bible mentions humor several times: Proverbs tell us a cheerful heart is like medicine, and Sarah laughed when she overheard the angel say she would have a child in her old age.

I enjoy a clean joke now and then, so I’ll test your sense of humor by giving you a funny one here. Gentlemen readers, please remember this is just a joke. Ladies, you'll probably like this one.

In the hospital where their family member lay gravely ill, the relatives gathered in the waiting room. Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and somber.

"I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news," he said, as he surveyed the worried faces. "The only hope left for your loved one at this time is a brain transplant. It's an experimental procedure, semi-risky and you will have to pay for the brain yourselves."

The family members sat silent as they absorbed the news. After a great length of time, someone asked, "Well, how much does a brain cost?"

The doctor quickly responded, $5,000 for a male brain, and $1,000 for a female brain."

The moment turned awkward. Men in the room tried not to smile, avoiding eye contact with the women, but some actually smirked. A man, unable to control his curiosity, blurted out the question everyone wanted to ask, "Why is the male brain so much more?"

The doctor smiled at the childish innocence and so to the entire group said, "It's just standard pricing procedure. We have to mark down the price of the female brains, because they've been used!"

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