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Monday, August 1, 2016

What's Your Inside Age?

"We are always the same age inside."
–Gertrude Stein, American novelist, 1874-1946

I’ve heard many people say age is relative, that you’re as old as you feel. Do you agree with that? Some folks have said about others that they’re old before their time.

When I look at pictures from history, it’s obvious the lifestyle forced upon many did age them early. Those living before adequate or knowledgeable health care were available aged, grew infirm, and had a shorter life span than we do today.

In high school, when my daddy turned forty, I thought he was an old man. Now, age forty looks very attractive to me. Most thing are indeed relative. The perspective from the other side of forty is different than through my eyes as a teenager.

Sophia Loren, Italian film actress and Oscar winner talked with People magazine in their April 4, 2016 issue. On the topic of age, she said, “When you are 20 years old, you don't think that you will turn 80, but when you do, you still can't believe it." She went on to say she still feels like she’s that 20-year-old.

As a young person, I don’t remember ever thinking of myself as growing old. I don’t think my thoughts ever went too far into the future. Of course, I did my high school homework to prepare for tomorrow. I studied for upcoming exams in college. But I didn’t plot or plan for the future.

Then along comes marriage and children and you look into the mirror and suddenly wonder where that carefree person is. You begin to think of others more than of yourself, and you’re concerned for their welfare. Your priorities change and your focus shifts to less selfish pursuits.

Even now, I still don’t look too far ahead. I’ve heard folks say, “It is what it is.” So true. I try not to be concerned about things I can’t change. Sometimes it most certainly is not easy, but I try. I remind myself that if I don’t have a responsibility in a situation, then it’s none of my business. That’s sometimes not easy as well.

A wise move would be to learn, like the apostle Paul, to be content in our circumstances. (Philippians 4:11) We all experience aging. We can choose to accept our age—both outside and inside—and cherish the days we have been given.

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