Photo by Mallory

Photo by Mallory

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Monday, June 6, 2016

How Much Do You Have?

“Always make a total effort, even when
the odds are against you."
–Arnold Palmer, American professional golfer

Nothing else in the house moved as I stumbled up the hall. I stood half asleep at my kitchen sink. Looking through blinds, I discovered what had interrupted my predawn sleep.

On the deck, several pesky blue jays perched atop the patio table, ready to welcome a new day. Aggravated at them for disturbing me, I pecked impatiently on a window pane. With much fluttering, the birds scattered to nearby trees…all but one.

The lone bird pranced nimbly around the table, tilting his head this way and that, beady black eyes searching for his would-be attacker. I raised the mini blind and pecked fiercely on the glass again.

There! He looked my way—he’d found me. He stared at me; I glared at him. Appearing to know my threatening noises couldn’t harm him, he didn’t budge.

Then the concert began, his music as crisp and crystal clear as the day’s spring morning. Each warble imitated his previous one.

Each time he chirped, the little bird quivered from the black collar across his throat to the trembling tip of his brilliant blue tail feathers. Every inch of the bird moved to produce his melody.

This little bird put all his body behind each note—he gave it all he had. I forgot the blue joy’s peskiness, enjoying instead my private recital.

Watching from my quiet kitchen, I thought about the tremendous effort the little bird displayed. He certainly didn’t go about his singing in a halfhearted way.

I wondered if we humans could measure up to the blue jay. Are we as committed in our daily efforts? Whether in our jobs, at school, raising our children, doing church work, or enjoying leisure time, do we give such a 100 percent effort?

How much do we give? How much do we have? Like the little blue jay on my deck with only one song to sing, are we giving it all we’ve got?

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