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Monday, May 30, 2016

Responsibility Educates

“Responsibility educates.”
Wendell Phillips,
American orator & lawyer, 1811-1884

Boy, howdy! I agree wholeheartedly with the above quotation. Nothing teaches like experience, and responsibility gives us valuable experience. We do get educated when we’re the one to pick up after ourselves, to keep our clothes clean, and to make our bed.

We raise our children with tender care, but somewhere along the way we also try to teach them how to care for themselves. This teaching will come from parents by way of example as well as by the spoken word. The ultimate goal of parenting is to raise children to young adulthood equipped to live without dependence on Mama and Daddy.

Much is said and written about the empty nest syndrome felt by parents after their children leave their home. But that’s what we parents spend years preparing them for—to leave home. A valuable lesson can be learned from the birds—their little ones leave the nest and never return. They’re able to make it on their own.

However, I did read recently that more adult children are moving back/living with their parents than ever before in the history of America. The claim for the cause of this is our country’s economy woes.

The lyrics of an old song sung by the Statler Brothers go like this: “Life gets complicated when you pass eighteen.” The song tells of the adult lives of members of a high school graduating class—how well some have done and also how some have led miserable lives. The truism of the song is that indeed life does get complicated when you outgrow your childhood.

That’s when necessary responsibility kicks in. That’s when the real education begins!

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