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Monday, May 9, 2016

Can You Smile When Sad?

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
-Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka "Dr. Seuss")
American children's author, 1904-1991

The quotation above can probably be applied to everyone. We all go through stages in our lives or periods of different experiences when things end.

Some good friendships end when one party moves away from the other and distance hampers the relationship. Our innocent childhood ends; our children’s childhoods end. Living in a location you enjoy because of the place and the people ceases when employment takes you someplace else. Something as simple as an enjoyable vacation must end and we become unhappy.

Certainly many other reasons probably exist when something comes to an end. Can you recall things you’ve enjoyed but had to give up because of no fault of your own? Those are sad times and perhaps we’ve all shed a tear or two on similar occasions.

Dr. Seuss has given many people reasons to smile with his stories. Yes, they are children’s stories, but adults enjoy the stories as well. Knowing what a wise and clever storyteller Dr. Seuss is, gives credibility to his words above.

Sometimes we long for times gone by, the good old days. But, of course, we can’t relive any of our days. We can only keep good memories tucked away in our hearts and easily pull them to mind on a whim.

My favorite vacation spot is the beach—just about any beach. Loving the beach is not unique to me. I know many folks who feel the same way. But I don’t know many who’ve had to give up their favorite vacation spot, wherever it might be. Because of health reasons. I’m no longer able to go to the beach. When this happened, I didn’t cry; however, I assure you I was not a happy camper. Even before I ran across the quotation above from Dr. Seuss, I’d look through photos my family had taken at the beach and smile. Still do.

I’m all for following Dr. Seuss’s philosophy. He doesn’t say so, but his quotation above is a sure-fire remedy for having regret about many of our experiences. And you know how I feel about regret—it doesn’t change anything and gets you nowhere.

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