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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, April 11, 2016

War and Peace

"War does not determine who is right--
only who is left."

--Author unknown (although this
sentiment is sometimes
attributed to Bertrand Russell)

Wars have been fought on battlefields, near and far away, since before Mary gave birth to her son, Jesus. There has been too little harmony among peoples who populate this planet Earth. Is there a country that hasn’t been torn apart by internal conflict?

Even our beloved America has endured the slaughter of civil unrest on her soil. Four years of combat in the Civil War, left up to 750,000 casualties, and the war accounted for more American deaths than in all other U.S. wars combined.

But, thankfully, once America was settled all the way to the Pacific Ocean, all the other wars America has entered have been fought on foreign soil. How do you feel about America sending our soldiers to battle in other countries? No military from another country officially fought in the Civil War. I understand there were some observers who came, and definitely Britain watched from afar as the North’s embargo of the South deprived the British of the South’s cotton.

My newly released novel, Promise Me, is a sweet romance set during the early years of the Vietnam War. I’d heard relatives tell about their military experiences over the years and through the Korean conflict. But I had to do considerable research for this book concerning the Vietnam War.

One of the characters in Promise Me who is affected by this war, explains, “I hate war! It just legalizes murder.” Yes, it does. There’s no other way to look at war, it’s just all about survival. And to survive any conflict, one side has to eliminate the other side. In war, that elimination comes by way of killing.

I eagerly look forward to the day when there will be no more killing, no more wars. When Jesus finally sets up his kingdom on earth, there will be genuine peace.

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