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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, November 2, 2015

How Do You Wait?

“All human wisdom is summed up
                        in two words: wait and hope.”
                 —Alexandre Dumas, French playwright

The leaves are falling and the trees are almost bare, their naked limbs reaching…  I would suspect they are reaching for a better season for their purpose on this earth. A season of budding shrubbery and bright green leaves to once more adorn their limbs. It’s a long time till spring and these bare trees and not-so-pretty bushes must wait…they have no choice.

Do we ever find ourselves in a similar place…waiting? We all wait at times in our lives. What we wait for is important to us. Do we wait patiently like the bare trees, knowing we have no other choice? Or do we lose your patience, our life filled with strife and stress from the waiting?

Impatience will gain us nothing but fretting and worrying. Impatience will not cause whatever we’re waiting for to appear sooner than it’s supposed to. Can you recall a time when you were forced to be patient and it was worth the wait when what you desired came to be?

Who or what makes your life complicated by causing you to wait? Waiting is not easy. It’s usually downright nerve-racking. Impatience is a close cousin to worry; neither will gain us anything. The secret to being happy while we are patient is to wait with hope, as indicated in the quotation above.


  1. Good thoughts. Waiting can be very hard.

  2. Thanks, Ann. Waiting is a good time for us to strengthen our patience muscles!