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Monday, September 28, 2015

Who are They?

"It is the anonymous 'they,' the enigmatic 'they' who are in charge. Who is 'they'? I don't know. Nobody knows. Not even 'they' themselves."
--Joseph Heller, American author (1923-1999)

Do you remember ever asking your parents for a special dress to wear to a high school prom? Or did you ask your parents to please let you drive the car? Maybe both times the answer was "No."

You probably continued to beg and whine and where
did that get you? Finally, you said, "But they are all
________." (You can fill in the blank.) And that got you the question, "Who are they?"

Finally such a conversation with your parents ended with them saying something like this: "Well, if they wanted to jump off a bridge would you jump with them?"
Sometimes in a conversation among adults one will comment, "They said ______ . (You can fill in the blank.) If someone asks the speaker who they are, the answer most likely is, "Just they. You know, they."

But as the quotation above says, do any of us know who they are? This universal they knows no boundaries and flits into many conversations every day.

What about you? Do you hear friends talk about what they said or did? And can your friends define who they are? The question of "Who are they?" is almost funny if it weren't so pathetic that we often refer to someone we can't identify.

Have you had a conversation about they? Are they sometimes lurking on the outskirts of everyday encounters with people?

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