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Monday, September 21, 2015

Happiness Boosters

Not long ago I read an article titled “Happiness Boosters To Try Today!” I’ll share a few of those “easy little tricks to energize your attitude” that the article listed.
    1. Bake. It’s emotionally therapeutic, research shows. Kneading bread dough or watching cookies rise in the oven offer a confidence-boosting sense of accomplishment.
    2. Dance. For a lift, get down, get down. University of Derby researchers found that depressed patients who took salsa lessons improved their moods, and an Australian study found that people who learned to tango had less depression and insomnia and greater life satisfaction.
    3. Make your bed. Doing one thing to enhance your sense of order is calming. It’s all about creating more small wins in your life. They are really valuable for happiness.
    4. Let the light in. If the sun is shining, go out! In one study, when people increased their exposure to bright light, they argued less and felt happier.
    5. Grin. Doing so stimulates smile muscles and sends nerve signals to your brain that you’re happy. So, do you smile because you’re happy or are you happy because you smiled?
Let’s look at that last one. What do you think—do you smile because you’re happy or are you happy because you smiled? Long ago my daddy told me when I saw someone without a smile to give them one of mine. You know, it works almost every time. Sometimes I’ve smiled toward the grouchiest person in sight and they smiled back at me.

In an interview, I was asked to describe myself with three words. My answer: hopeful, enthusiastic, positive. I certainly try to be all of those at all times. Some days it’s not easy, but I continue to try. Keeping a hopeful, enthusiastic, and positive mindset surely can’t be harmful.

So I’ll keep on smiling and keep a positive attitude. How about you?

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