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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Unconditional Love

I watch very little TV besides the Weather Channel, but I did see a touching TV commercial recently. It showed a man and his dog walking about. When the man would enter a store he’d speak to the dog who would sit outside the store until his owner returned and they would resume their walk. The commercial showed several scenes like this. Then the man entered a hospital.

The loyal dog sat outside the hospital door as people pushed out through the hospital doors, but never ran to meet any of them. Through sunshine and night, the dog sat or lay, but his owner never returned.

Finally a hospital patient sitting in a wheelchair was pushed outside through the hospital doors. The dog looked at the female in the wheelchair—you know the look where a dog will tilt his head to one side—then approached her, tail wagging.

Yes, the commercial was promoting organ donation. The dog supposedly sensed a part of his owner inside the woman and willingly went to her.

In Alabama recently, a couple took their Golden Retriever, Buddy, to his favorite nearby field overlooking the river to romp and play. When time came to return home, Buddy started for the Jeep, but instead turned and ran into the woods, apparently chasing something.
The owners went after Buddy, calling his name. When they heard tree branches breaking, they knew Buddy had fallen off the cliff and into the river. The couple marked the location with their GPS so they could find the spot from the water below the cliff.

In a boat on the river, they located the spot where the dog would have hit the water but couldn’t find Buddy. After a month, they resigned themselves that Buddy could be dead.

Then a man and two young boys were fishing in the area when they spotted a scared-looking, thin, but well-bred dog along the riverbank.

The dog was obviously injured, but they couldn’t coax him into their boat. They fed him some crackers, and one of the boys took a picture of the dog with his phone.

The picture was posted and circulated on Facebook and that’s how Buddy was reunited with his owners. The fisherman took the owners to the place he’d seen the dog and there was Buddy—he was right below where they knew he’d fallen. Like the dog in the TV commercial, Buddy had stayed where he’d been separated from his owners.

Buddy had lost thirty pounds and had a hip injury. Having the river access for water is what likely helped Buddy to survive. And perhaps other fishermen had fed him or he could have eaten fish washed up to the riverbank. He wouldn’t get in the boat with those who originally found him, but he happily came to his owners.

A well-treated pet is always glad to see you. That pet offers you unconditional love. You can give the pet your unconditional love, without risk of heartbreak or disappointment.

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