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Monday, August 3, 2015

Fresh Starts

"Little beginnings sometimes have great endings."
--Cellini Benvenuto, Italian author (1500-1571)

Please allow me to recycle something significant at this time of year to our children, to their grandparents, and  to their parents.

Most beginnings are good; some may be less than favorable. Some may be monumental, some may be little. But as Cellini Benvenuto, quoted above, says, "Little beginnings sometimes have great endings."

A new school term is just around the corner. Although students approach school-starting day several times in their life, each year affords them a new beginning. Many of us are granted new beginnings of whatever kind other than school. Beginnings allow us to use our reasoning and intellect to approach something with knowledge and no preconceived notions.
We can also create our new beginnings. We can take a fresh outlook on whatever we endeavor. It's like a second chance. You know, forget past mistakes and start out anew.

Beginnings mean that perhaps something before it has ended so that a new thing can begin. With students, the summer has ended. With newlyweds, their single carefree days have ended; but what great promises their new beginning holds. With all of us, we can leave behind the past where we know we made mistakes and commit ourselves to a new beginning

Whatever the case, we can only take them as they come, one at a time. Not mixing them with times past or trying to enhance them with unknown flavors from the future. Each new adventure can be enjoyed because of its own merit. Because it's happening at the moment; a new beginning.

What do you think about new beginnings? Have you had times when you wished for a new beginning? Did you receive one? I hope you'll leave a comment.

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