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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Where's Home?

 "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."     
                                            —Jane Austen

Is home where you were born? Is home where you graduated from high school? Is home where you live right now? Or is home all of the above to you? Is home simply wherever the heart is?
 Have you ever considered birds and their homes? It takes hours or maybe even days for little bird beaks to gather and carry all those twigs and scraps needed to build a sturdy nest.

In the nest the mother bird tirelessly tends the eggs and brings forth life. She keeps the young birds there, nurturing them to a day when they can try their own wings.

After the birds’ nest serves its purpose for the owners, they all fly away, abandoning the birthplace of the offspring. In autumn each year, when trees lose their leaves, empty birds’ nests can be seen attached securely to bare branches. Ever wonder where birds call home?
Whenever we humans raise our young and finally see them go off on their own, do we do as the birds do? Do we then abandon our home? If so, where do our children call home?

No, we’re not birds. We don’t move to a new house with each new batch of offspring. It takes us a little longer to nurture our youngsters to the day when they soar away—on capable wings or not. But even with the brood raised and gone, is "empty nest" really a correct term? Correct maybe for a while, but not a permanent name tag.

We humans tend to gather ourselves together periodically. So that "empty nest" is not empty all the time. There are holidays, reunions, and birthdays that need someplace to happen. And there always seems to be room at home. And, of course, when the grown children do come back to visit, home is there with plenty of room and great meals.

Thank goodness we don’t live as the birds do. No, we’ve settled down, putting our stake in the ground for our bloodline that follows. Empty nest or full nest, home can be wherever we make it.

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