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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Life: Simple or Stressful?

"The greater part of our happiness depends on our
dispositions, not our circumstances
."  –Martha Washington

Is your life simple or stressful? If your life is stressful, can you ever get back to simple? These days the world seems to expect everybody to multitask—do more than one thing at the same time. Do you ever feel like you're barely staying ahead of a full-blown crash of your life?

Some of us probably would enjoy a life of simplicity. A little child’s life is an example of simplicity. Children can have a fuss one minute and then a while later are the best of friends.
Seems like once we become adults we’ve learned the words disagree, dislike, argue, and unforgiving. We adults find it easy to remember hurt feelings; unlike little children, we hold grudges against those who have hurt us.

Can you remember how simple a little child faces each day? How they probably don’t remember having their feelings hurt? They embrace everyone, trusting and laughing. Little children who are cared for are happy every day (unless they are sick).

They usually get along with everyone who pays attention to them. Little children aren’t aware of all the bad around the world; they look at the world through innocent eyes that yet don’t know evil.

We can look at little children and find innocence. Knowing what we know in maturity, some might wish to turn the calendar back a ways and start again. The second time around they might keep that simple innocence that brings such happiness to little children.

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