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Monday, May 25, 2015

Is Common Sense Necessary?

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Berba movent, exempla trahunt.”
(Words move people, examples compel them.)
--Latin proverb

My grandmother didn’t know a word in Latin, but she instilled in me the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” My mother pounded another relative phrase into my head: “Pretty is as pretty does.” And another phrase comes to mind: “Practice what you preach.”

All these life lessons point out that actions of people impress us more than their words. Behavior that we observe is more persuasive than behavior we read about. An authority figure can tell us what they expect of us, but seeing that person behave in the way he has admonished us to do, lends more support for his words.

Have you ever heard a child respond to a mother with, “But daddy does it.”? What can a mother say to that without speaking badly of the child’s daddy? And, we must remember, children are good imitators. They learn so much by imitating behaviors they see. They even play a game where they willingly follow a leader, doing everything the leader does.
Perhaps these words/actions principles hold true more for teachers, doctors, or anyone who imparts instruction to others. For example, if a doctor warns you of the health dangers of a habit you have, yet the doctor participates in the same habit, you probably wouldn’t put much credence in his advice.

So we really don’t need to know Latin to understand the quotation above. The principle is just a good dose of common sense for everyday living.

What similar words did you learn as you matured?

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