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Monday, April 6, 2015

Everyday Tedious Things

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"That man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more,  garnering the simple goodness of a life."  --Euripides

Does it always seem that the line you get in to check out at the grocery store is the slowest line? In your car at the drive-thru bank teller, do several cars move on in other lines besides the one you’re in? Whatever daily errands we run, everyday situations bring us frustration.

There’s a tactic to combat daily frustrations. It’s called “savoring.” When you’re stressed, “think about something that’s good about your circumstances right now,” says Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D., of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Okay, we can all probably do that. Try thinking about your favorite vacation place—the beach, mountains, a cruise, visiting your grown children and grandchildren. Or it could be thinking about something small but pleasing to you—your favorite song, favorite movie, favorite meal.

“It’s about shifting your perspective to focus on something positive instead of negative,” Dr. Simon-Thomas says. When everyday tedious things happen to you, don’t grumble. That won’t help to remedy the situation. Hold positive thoughts instead. Read Philippians 4:8 often and allow those words to help you to focus on good things.

What are the simple goodnesses in your life? 

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