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Monday, March 30, 2015

What's Your Wish?

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"Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if you aren’t willing to move your feet."—English Proverb

Did you see the movie with Tom Hanks titled “Big”? If so, remember the free-standing booth with the

mannequin fortune teller inside? Tom wished to grow up, to be big. When Tom dropped a coin in the machine and made his wish, a small card dispensed from the machine into his hand. The card read, “Your wish has been granted.

Other things purport to predict the future for us. Chinese fortune cookies. And I’ve read about a weighing scale (before my time) that would show your weight and also dispense a written fortune to you.

But who—whether a mannequin or a live person—can tell us our future? Nobody. Yet we try to prepare for the future. There is no universal guidebook for that because tomorrow is unique for each of us. Then how do we get ready for the future? How can we find the right direction to take?

We seek advice from those we trust. We listen to those whose opinion we value. We follow the paths of those we’d like to become. Hopefully we’ll get beneficial advice and opinions to equip us for what’s in store for us. We may learn from history what we shouldn’t do, which helps us know what we should do.

You can read some thoughts about the future from Janet Perez Eckles. She writes with the wisdom of a sighted person although she is blind. Hope you enjoy reading her article.

May we each have tomorrows brighter than all of our yesterdays

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