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Monday, March 2, 2015

Role Models or Critics?

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"Children need models rather than critics."
– Joseph Jourbert, French moralist (1754-1824)

Who are your children’s role models? Who would you choose for your children’s role models? What is a role model anyway?

A role model defined by Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is “someone whom another person admires and tries to be like.”

It seems that entertainment and professional sports are where many role models for our young people come from these days. Many times some of these so-called role models in entertainment and sports behave in ways that disappoint us. But the young people who look up to these people aren’t disappointed because they lack the maturity in judgment to separate the person from their less-than-stellar behavior.

Many times the young person will still admire a misbehaving person simply because of their famous glitz and glamour. It’s that glitz and glamour that turn the heads of our youth and lures them into believing that to be like them would be the path to take. Sometimes only looking at the money some of these folks make is enough to create a loyal following.

Having parents as good role models would be the ideal situation. But all criticism and little praise of children in the home will more than likely cause the child to look elsewhere for their role models. Bad does exist in our world and it’s not difficult for a young person to find a negative role model.

Outside the home, a few school teachers became encouraging role models for me. Parents and school teachers may feel pressure when they might realize that young people are looking to them for guidance. Looking to them for a positive and safe role model.

As a youngster did you have role models?


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