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Monday, March 16, 2015

All the Last Times

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"Look at everything as though you were seeing it for the first time or the last time."—Betty Smith, American author (1896-1972)

The quotation above may refer to bad things—we can’t know the writer’s thoughts on this. I choose to think the words refer to good things. Therefore, when I read the words above, seeing a good thing for the first time would be looking at it with excitement and wonderment and amazement. Now, looking at something good for the last time would not be very pleasant.

Sue Diaz wrote a book, CHILD, in 1994. Reader’s Digest printed a condensation of her book in an article titled, “All the Last Times.” Below are snippets from Sue Diaz in that article:

Ms. Diaz writes, “There’s another book that should exist: The Book of Lasts. It would keep track of the moments we don’t think of as precious until they’re gone. I experienced one of those “lasts” a while back, though I didn’t know it at the time. . . . Today’s moments are just that: today’s.

“Also missed was the last time the kids drew a picture of me in the style of young artists—no neck or torso, just reedy arms and legs shooting out of a giant potato head. If I had only known, I might have framed the last drawing, or left it hanging on the refrigerator door a while longer.”

Ms. Diaz experienced last times with her children. We can have these moments in other relationships as well. And last times can happen with our pets, our vacations, our day-to-day mundane things we take for granted.

Because we don't know when we're experiencing a "last time," here’s hoping we can try to make the most of each day we’re blessed to have. Then when we look back on our days at the last times, we can remember them with a smile and not tears of regret. Ms. Diaz ends her article with “the phrase carpe diem—seize the day.”

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