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Monday, September 22, 2014

Violence Toward Women

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                                                    Violence Toward Women

When a country singer (I can’t remember his name) sang about Behind Closed Doors the song referred to a loving situation once the bedroom door closed. From recent news headlines, behind closed doors—be it the front door, the bedroom door, or an elevator door—is not a safe place for women.

Why now is there such emphasis put on violence to women? Some talking heads on 24/7 TV cable news say the movement to protect women is political—to gain women’s votes. I don’t know.

I realize that sometimes a woman may meet someone without any knowledge of his past and be swept off her feet. The new acquaintance may be devious and cool, giving an impression of one who wouldn’t hurt a fly. A romantic relationship develops and the woman is deliriously happy. As the news today reads, then something snaps in the man in the relationship and he shows his true identity as a person by his physical mistreatment of another.

There always has been an occasional woman appear for work with a bruise that she explains away by saying she ran into a door. Duh?! Running into a door doesn’t leave bruises up and down the arm. Nor does it leave fingerprints and a ring of bruises around the neck. Many times a woman feels that the situation somehow is her fault. Duh, again!

In the Bible, First Corinthians Chapter 13 is the litmus test for true love, whether  romantic or platonic. Regularly reading this chapter together could be a cure for these outbursts of physical violence in relationships of all kinds—couples, families, and friends.

Southern Mothers teach their daughters to be sweet. Blending sweetness with the biblical reference mentioned above would be a win-win situation.

The virtue of a person is measured not by his outstanding efforts, but by his everyday behavior.” –Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Christian philosopher (1623-1662)