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Photo by Mallory

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Things or People?

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"What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things, instead of using people and loving things."
 —Author Unknown

Everybody didn’t wait until Black Friday to start Christmas shopping. The newspaper carried a photo taken at 7 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. In the front-page photo people lined up from the door and around the corner. I spent several minutes looking at that picture. It saddened me.

That photo is a testimony to how many in America

seem to value things as top priority. Another picture showed customers coming out of a store, pushing shopping carts piled high with their purchases—again, things!

The commonly heard phrase of some years ago, “Love makes the world go 'round,'” meant love among people. If that phrase is used today it would no doubt partly refer to love of things. Evidence abounds that shows we are a materialistic society.

Who of us would be content to live the simple life of the Waltons portrayed by the popular TV show? That extended family had very little beyond the necessities. What American family of that size could survive today with only one automobile? Or what family today would be happy unless each member had their own bedroom?

Is the learning curve too high or could we learn to love people and use things instead of the other way around?  How do you love people and use things?

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